Damn you, liberal media eyeshadow colorizers!

I almost put a picture of Katherine Harris in this post, but I just didn’t have the heart. But seriously, read this. Yeah, that’s the problem. As Jesse put it, “Stop doing your makeup over a barbeque pit, and maybe people will stop commenting on it.”

But the award for the Replican Woman with the Most to Blame Photographers For (and the award for Just Barely Elected in an Embarrassingly Close Race in a “Safe Republican District,”) goes to Jean Schmidt. Damn you photojournalists with your Skeletor filters!

One thought on “Damn you, liberal media eyeshadow colorizers!”

  1. You know, that Jean Schmidt needs new dental appliances. When the lips and surrounding areas collapse like that it indicates that the detures aren’t fitting well and the underlying bone is in danger of deteriorating further. How old is this bitch? I mean, DAMN.

    This woman needs some hair advice as well. Scraping it back and plastering a bow on the back just makes her look like a bad version of Bette Davis in “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.” I mean even the old standby, hairspray helmet, would improve her looks. Oi!

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