One thought on “States Rights Aren’t.”

  1. I’m sputtering right alongside you, Pam. And largely along the lines of, WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE STAND UP AND POINT THE FUCK OUT THAT THE MORNING AFTER PILL AND ABORTION RIGHTS ARE NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING!!! Some fucking liberal media. They know the difference. They’re purposely making it about “abortion rights advocates” instead women’s public health advocates pushing the OTC issue because they can make it into a more divisive issue (that, or they’re just right-wingers at heart). It’s a lot easier to get a good percentage of Americans to take issue with supporting something that “abortion rights advocates” are rallying behind than when the people supporting the change are “healthcare professionals”.

    There are a lot of public health groups out there focusing on public health, women’s health, reproductive health, etc, whose agendas add up to a lot more than just abortion rights. And since the morning after pill is NOT ABORTION, it’s misleading and irritating when they put the focus on abortion in this debate.

    Rant over. Going back to my quiet sputtering.

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