Tim Taylor’s Dream Neighborhood

Tool aficionados might be particularly interested in living in a John Deere-branded housing development. From the article: “[T]he John Deere link should amount to a stamp of approval for people who care about having a beautifully landscaped yard from the day they move in.” Is that all? It seems to me more like an appeal to those who want to operate the power equipment that may (or may not) produce the beautifully landscaped yard. Developers could create a neighboring DeWalt subdivision, and then the two homeowners’ associations could fight to prevent the construction of low-rent Black & Decker tract homes further down the road.

This co-branding effort makes more sense to me than the recent Catholic-Ferrari incident, but maybe I’m just not Italian enough to understand. (Also, Ferrari’s Formula 1 team gave Pope John Paul II a replica of their car back in January.) I know it’s not really branding, but it still seems like effort is being made to associate the two.

What co-branded housing would I buy? Maybe a Chimay loft in Pioneer Square? An REI house in Wallingford? (Perhaps without the Eddie Bauer SUV.) An iPod condo in Belltown? A KEXP apartment near South Lake Union? (Why isn’t Paul doing this already? Studio-sized globules could be added to the existing Experience Music Project—who’d notice?)

Author: Gary

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One thought on “Tim Taylor’s Dream Neighborhood”

  1. In the KEXP apartment building: a performance space for live music; the halls are lined with posters of seminal bands.

    In the REI house: hooks, closets, and more hooks; kayak storage; a climbing wall in the livingroom; probably more hooks.

    In the iPod condo: everything’s smooth and controlled by a jog wheel; very white.

    In the Chimay loft: exposed brick; ascetic except for the refrigerated room full of Trappist beers.

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