Andrew Rice for Oklahoma

My sister Julie– who let it be said here is doing amazing work to make Oklahoma a better place to live, think, and create– wanted to let me know about someone else who is doing the same thing. Andrew Rice is running for State Senate to fill a seat left empty by the term-limitation of one of Oklahoma’s Last Remaining Liberals, Bernest Cain. (Back in the day when I was lobbying for choice, sex education, and birth control for Planned Parenthood at State Capitol, it was Bernest’s office we always used as our home base.)

So I checked out several pages on Andrew’s campaign site. If I were down, I could feel a little inadequate… We’re the same age but I haven’t worked in an AIDS hospice in Thailand, shot a documentary about the HIV pandemic in India, worked for Jim Leher or founded two progressive organizations. [Oh, and he’s movie-star handsome.]

Musing on my wasted life as Mouthpiece for The Man, I followed the link to his page at the Forgiveness Project. If you follow only one link posted here this month, this is it.

Tears in my eyes, I decided Julie was right: some of us should help him out. June 30th is the next fundraising filing, and early money is critical in proving candidate viability. If Andrew Rice can win this seat, there may be hope for my home state yet. And if there’s hope for Oklahoma, we might just win our country back.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Rice for Oklahoma”

  1. I just left his birthday reception at his new campaign office. I had not heard him speak before today. I was very impressed. For the first time in my life I will be actively volunteering for any campaign. I loved Mr. Cain and am sorry he is having to leave the Oklahoma Senate. I hope he is successful. Actually, I pray he is.

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