Lysenkoism, revisited

It’s a new term, but the Bush administration is as disdainful of scientific fact as ever. I am Jack’s utter lack of surprise. Think Progress has a round-up of the latest egregious examples of scientific misinformation perpetrated by the Bush white House, with details of cover-ups on evironmental effects of farming and climate warming. It’s getting so that it’s no longer appropriate to refer to “creeping” lysenkoism; in the US today, “trampling” might be a more appropriate description.

1 thought on “Lysenkoism, revisited”

  1. Between the blind faith and the blinding greed of the various factions of this White House, I can not really be surprised by any of this. However, I am not so naive to think that this is the first Administration guilty of packing a bunch of lawyers into a room to manipulate scientific findings to make them more friendly to the political ends.

    Unfortunately, it seems that this particular administration’s combination of ignorance and preference for profit over preservation is going to inflict more harm on our natural resources, technology industries and the health of our population than any other in the last 30 years.

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