Microsoft Reverses Decision

This just in from Seattle’s Pride Foundation:

We are pleased to let you know that Microsoft has just informed us that they will be supporting the Anderson-Murray Antidiscrimination legislation in the Washington State legislature next year, and will continue their historic support for the federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA).

Like you, we were disappointed with Microsoft’s change of position on HB1515 this year. Microsoft’s decision to reaffirm their support for these bills is consistent with the company’s long standing role as a strong ally of and friend to the LGBT community. Their decision to support this legislation in the future demonstrates that the management at Microsoft listens to their employees and their community and endorses equality for all Washingtonians

If true, this is another great coup for the Pride Foundation, who also managed to get Wal-Mart to add sexual orientation to their non-discrimination policy. Let’s hope Microsoft confirms this news soon.

One thought on “Microsoft Reverses Decision”

  1. Yeah, Steve Ballmer sent us a mail informing us about this this morning and letting us know that at least a part of the decision to reverse their position was the amount of passionate feedback from employees in the company that support was the right decision.

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