Microsoft regains its senses

This Businessweek article confirms what an email from the Pride Foundation told us this morning: Microsoft has learned its lesson and WILL be supporting the non-discrimination bill in Washington next year. I predict we will look back and regard this whole sordid episode as a great victory. The two Democrats who voted against the bill are going down, and we have shown every two-bit bible-thumper that their threats have less impact on corporations than the proven value of gay employees.

Congrats to Paulette and all the other Microsoft employees who, though not gay themselves, spoke out on our behalf. Here’s to Bad Germans!

2 thoughts on “Microsoft regains its senses”

  1. Yeah, don’t everyone hold their breath. Read the nuances in Ballmer’s statement. He still draws a line of equivalence between gay civil rights and the rights of the religious right to hate whomever they please. Diversity is apparently about us getting along with our haters in an environment of ‘mutual respect’. What a load of crap. Even when he flip-flopped on his flip-flop, he still couldn’t come out and say that the right were wrong.

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