Pissed off, and getting more pissed off by the minute

I’ve kept quiet here about the whole Microsoft position regarding HR1515, even though, of course I felt betrayed and angry that my company would take away their support for the bill. That they would give in to religious extremists like that is distressing, and certainly sends a message to their gay and lesbian employees that the crazies can even make a behemoth like MS afraid. When we start appeasing these people like this, we’re in trouble. As I said on an internal discussion list at MS the other day, so MS caves to the religious fanatics on this bill. When they start threatening to boycott unless we stop offering same-sex partner benefits, at what point does MS put its tail between its legs and cave? And when they stat demanding we fire gay employees?

I kept quiet here because I was speaking out at work, and I figured, hey, everyone here knows how I feel. MS is a company I have always been a little ashamed to work for. But never more than today when someone sent out a link to an internal petition encouraging the company to remain neutral, which a few hundred people had already signed today, many of them with just downright insulting and demeaning statements about HR1515.

And of course, I’ve gone off and shot my mouth off in the discussion aliases and pissed a lot of people off. But goddamnit, I dont’ fucking care. If you want to sign a petition encouraging Microsoft not to support equal rights for all its employees, then I want to fucking insult you. Because you fucking desserve it. Because you’re a fucking bigot, and you can spin it any way you want, but you’re a piece of shit bigot and nothing more ,and I want you to be offended and insulted because you suck. You want to tell me to respect other points of view? Shove it. I respect legitimate points of view. I don’t respect racist, sexist, and homophobic points of view, and you can act like homophobia is different, but that just proves what an ignorant fucking creep you are.

There, I’ve vented, and said what would have gotten me fired had I actually responded to any of the messages I received today with what I wanted to say. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Pissed off, and getting more pissed off by the minute”

  1. Feel bettter? I am embaressed too! Perhaps it’s time to do another one of those “We’re sorry ..” campaigns.

  2. I have an even better idea. A letter to the editor today in the PI gave me an inspiration. We should get the names of those who support Hutcherson (how hard could it be to get that?) and then publish the list with encouragement that businesses, landlords, etc when they encounter those people, refuse to do business with them because they are straight. You can reason with bigots, I realize, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them drink their own poison.

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