Read James Wolcott’s blog every day

Because once a month in Vanity Fair is not often enough. It’s interesting… all the pissing and moaning by traditional reporters about the Evil That Is Blogs seems to come from people working in TV or dailies. For someone like Wolcott, who clearly has more venom (and wits) than ink, a blog is a perfect way to engage readers more conversationally. And man, what conversation. He’s my new favorite. From a post yesterday:

Bush’s privatization scheme is dead and too dumb to fall over, to borrow a line from Rita Mae Brown. Today in the NY Times, Congressman Charlie Rangel recounts a conversation with Bush over private accounts. Listen closely and you can hear the steel in Bush’s spine stiffening as he postures for posterity. Rangel urges Bush to take private accounts off the table, and Bush replies:

“Congressman, I am the president. [As if Rangel needed reminding which office Bush held.] And private accounts are ot coming off the table even if it’s the last day I spend in the presidency.”

Oooh, so last man at the Alamo. You know that sort of no-retreat, no-capitulation might play well with Americans when Bush is pretending to stand up to terrorists, but most voters recognize that horse-trading and compromise are part of the game in passing legislation, and taking a defiant stand on something most of them oppose (Soc Sec privatization) isn’t going to win the gallery applause Bush always expects. He’s losing his political touch to his strutting pride–a pride that increasingly takes on the shape of a pathological growth.

It’s that good every day.