Privatizing Social Security Has “Advantages”

Ever see those trailers for movies on TV with those curiously curtailed quotes? ‘”Exciting” says the Podunk Local Gazette’ … but you just *know* the full quote is “Less exciting than watching grass grow.”

Well, that’s exactly what the Bush Adminstration has resorted to in their push to privatize Social Security, abbreviating unfavourable (or marginally favourable) quotes from *pre-selected* questioners (!) to make them look favourable.

One thought on “Privatizing Social Security Has “Advantages””

  1. Just one more example of if you take things out of context you can support anything:

    aluminium tubes
    yellow cake plutonium
    mobile labs
    Iraqi nuclear scientists

    Put all of these artfully together and you have a case to present to the UN Security Council. Look hard at the individal context for these items and you have the destruction of one man’s career and the commission of federal and international crimes.

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