Getting closer…

Check out my redesign progress and let me know how it’s looking. Traditionalist nonfamosi should be pleased to see some much-loved elements return. The top nav items aren’t working yet, but everything else seems to work nicely. Please do share your thoughts, as I’d like to be live on this by the end of the week!

5 thoughts on “Getting closer…”

  1. Can you change the label/name markers on the commnents? The poster’s name is in italics, but they all kind of run together. A line break between them would help, too.

  2. I really don’t like the presentation of the comments as well as that of the current site.

    For starters, “No Comments” is poor wording for a link the reader is supposed to click to add a comment. (Not that “Read More” is great, either, when there’s nothing more to read; I think I’d choose “Comments” with a count next to the link.)

    I also don’t like having that blob of text between the main body of the entry and the comments that follow it. I think this text (“This entry was posted…”) should appear in the margin to the right, maybe, rather than the list of comments to other entries; the reader has drilled down on a single entry, so links to other entries are unrelated anyway. If I was reading such a site, I’d probably back out to the top level page, anyway, before taking up the next entry or comment.

    The heading for comments (e.g., One Response to “Site Usability”) seems, at least, too large; I think it could probably be completely deleted. I mean, you’re not going to have comments on the page that aren’t related to the entry, are you? The comments don’t need to be loudly labeled, then, as being related to that which is the only entry on the page. I’d like to see simply “Comments” in a smaller size preceding the comments— which are boxed individually, yes?

    I’d also like more white space between the last comment and the form for entering another.

    It’d be great to see an entry with multiple comments marked up in this configuration of WP; I think the enumeration might seem silly if the comments are visually distinct from one another anyway (though succeding comments could easily refer to preceding comments this way).

    I’ve always wanted to be able to be able to capitalize titles; so, that means allowing lowercase or making lowercase upper but in a smaller font than the capitalized letters.

    For some reason, I don’t like that shade of blue for the titles when it gets to be as large as it is in WP. (I think it works for the site in MT.) Maybe a little darker? Maybe a few other colored things on the page with that much luminance? For example, on the MT version, I like the fact that there are those four navigational links at the top of the page in that gold color.

    Be sure to filter my commentary appropriately. 🙂 I’m glad that I haven’t asked for this kind of examination of my LiveJournal.

  3. I will work on the comments display some more, I think I agree with much of what you’re saying. Unfortunately, I can’t quite figure out how to supress the “recent comments” from single-entry archives… anyone know any PHP?

    Capitalizing the titles would be a mess, because so many of the old posts have no capitalization. I quite like all caps… but I can slightly reduce the size of the headlines.

    Also, I made a change to how “no comments” is handled… you like?

  4. i’m thinking some deeper color…to my eye (that of one world famous artist) it seems too bland. it needs a little ‘pop’….unless this is the look your are going for. if so, PERFECT!

    or maybe we save the color for CC Royale!

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