Get RID of it!

My pal S. recently moved in to new digs in the north end. She and her sweetheart have been gradually furnishing their home and filling in their kitchen cabinets using Freecycle.

Now I am totally addicted to giving stuff away to total strangers. Oh, sure, I could get it together and have a yard sale, lord knows, I could use the cash, but then I’d have to dicker with the early morning bargain seekers and even worse, I’d have to drag everything out on the porch, price it all, and deal with the stuff that didn’t sell. Or I could fill the car and drive down to the Goodwill. That means I’d have to get organized. No way.

Check it out, this is so easy! You just post the thing you want to get rid of (for free, of course) and someone emails you, like, right then, and says “I can come and get it today at 530. Work for you?” It’s awesome. You could probably say this: “Yup, that works fine, but bring a friend coz I can’t do any lifting.”

It’s excellent. I’m sure you have something you’ve been meaning to get rid of and it’s just too much trouble. Go on. There’s a Freecycle listserv near you. So far, I’ve unloaded that brown student desk that I could not get rid of on Craig’s List and that stupid Ikea lamp with the terrible design.