A Desire Named Streetcar

Arts organizations aren’t usually such bullies. And you’d think that an institution dedicated to things visual would appreciate that hey, we really like looking at the streetcar. It’s adorable. And soon to be homeless.

Here’s the crux of the matter from the Seattle Times:

…the streetcar system’s maintenance facility takes up 2.5 acres of the 8.5-acre site, and museum officials have been resolute that the barnlike structure, which is integral to the operation of the streetcar system, does not fit into the park’s design. The museum plans to begin constructing the sculpture park in May and figures the maintenance barn would have to be demolished by September.

Hello, you’re an ARTS organization. You can’t come up with a creative solution integrating the barn in to the design? Or redesigning the barn to be part of the park? What gives?

Here’s History Link’s form letter, though of course you can write your own.