Would You Like Outsourcing With That Order?

So I guess when it gets too expensive to do business in one state, go to the next, right? Oregon McDonalds (and some in Eastern Washington) are now outsourcing to other states. So when you drive up to the order window you order is taken via the phone line some 1500 miles away in North Dakota, a photo is taken and all the information is sent back to that location and your order processed?

Why, you might ask? The minimum wage in Oregon is $7.50 while the minimum wage in North Dakota is only $5.15.

Is McDonalds not making enough money off their Mad Cow Burgers that they need to rape employees now?

Food for Thought!

2 thoughts on “Would You Like Outsourcing With That Order?”

  1. I admit that the word “outsourcing” evokes a visceral response from me and my brain was screaming “boycott” before I read the linked item.

    While it seems a little surreal, at least the person on the end of the line isn’t in Bangalore.

  2. I can’t help it. I’m smirking at the idea of McDonald’s orders being taken offshore in a nation where vegetarianism is such an institution. God forgive me.

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