Adieu Nate!

This will make more sense if you’ve read all the comments on this entry. It was just a comment, but it deserves a post.

Nate, Peter’s right. We’ve indulged you enough. Your final comment to Terry was beyond the pale. No more of you.

This country used to make fun of people like you–the Scopes Trial and all that. For the past 25 years, we’ve indulged you–and look what’s happened. We’re losing our country! If you want a theocracy, go to Iran. And if you want a place to espouse your views, get you own damn blog. You are not welcome here any more.

7 thoughts on “Adieu Nate!”

  1. Lighten up, Jay and group. You’re looking like my children when they were kids and would get into a fight–somebody would inevitably get kicked out of the tree house or off the swing set in the back yard. I side with Nate, a surprisingly reasonable and balanced reader. Regarding his final, “condemning” comment, have you and your crew not made many statements just as rash and far more vile? (And probably just as jokingly in order to make a point?) Your incessant vulgarity is what’s turning the older crowd off. While you may not agree with him, Nate made many valid points in his final post you have failed to address head-on. I agree with Nate on the overall direction of the post and see this as your collective streak of intolerance finally surfacing. Aren’t tolerance and open-mindedness two of the pillars of liberalism, regardless of the wild comment in poor taste?

    In my opinion, you lost the argument by taking the easy out. Why stick your neck out if you’re not willing to debate a little bit? Or get hit once in a while? Even if the comments–on both sides–may swing a bit wide at times.

  2. “a surprisingly reasonable and balanced reader”

    From Nate:
    “Although I would pay to see Dobson chase you around and give you the sound whipping you deserve…”

    “You sloppy, spoiled, Michael Moore, baby-killer clowns get the infanticide beam out of your own eye first.”

    “So keep feeding bananas to your monkeys and I’ll continue to be entertained by this circus.”

    That’s reasonable and balanced? He came out swinging a self-righteous bat that immediately undermined what I would call “reasonable and balanced” unless, of course, you are a Fox News pundit.

    Our incessant vulgarity is turning the older crowd off? If it is then I invite “the older crowd” to let us know when they think we step over the line. How old do you think we are anyway?

    I addressed Nate’s points in each post to me. But I have to say that his insistence on writing off arguments made by others as “cheesy” or with some ridiculously twisted analogy (ie. Saddam’s health care plan) was the real reason that readers grew tired of him.

    We are all willing to debate when the person engaging us will stick with reality and try to show some regard for logic.

  3. You go, Terry. Right on. This is exactly the same thing that happens in what Nate would call the “MSM”– the left is always “shrill” while the rhetorical excesses of the right always seem to go unremarked upon.

    And you know what, Robert D Ferguson? Not a one of us ever claimed this was supposed to be the New York Effing Times, or even the Saturday Goddamned Evening Post. If you or the other “old-timers” are scandalized, go rent some 1960s Disney and pretend the state of the nation doesn’t merit a few vigorous Anglo-Saxon terms. And while you’re at it, invite Nate over–he could probably use some friends and if you’re overflowing with moral probity, all the better.

    On one point you are not wrong… This is our treehouse–more to the point, my treehouse. I am happy to take whatever abuse Nate or anyone else dishes out on me… but when a party-crasher starts up with ad hominem attacks on a dear friend who also happens to be an invited guest, that crasher will find himself sailing down from the upper branches. Got it?

  4. Don’t count me out, you smug little bastard. I was a “third parent” to my two sisters, and I know without question that I would be a better father than you ever dreamed of being. If we decide to have kids, we won’t need your approval, and to quote Dan Quayle, “We wear your scorn as a badge of courage.” [Even idiot Republicans are sometimes quotable in spite of themselves.]

    You’ve obviously enjoyed having us to argue with but you are officially dead to Nonfamous–I delete tons of spam every day and you’re now on my list. You can read, but no more comments. Really. You may not think much of our values, but we have them and we protect them. So move along to some lower rung of the blogosphere–there are plenty of places that will offer you pseudo-intellectual mental masturbation that confirms your narrow worldview.

  5. Maybe it’s time to just take the high road? I’ve got no idea how old you are, Jay, but as a father of three wonderful children, I’m ashamed for you. I’m ashamed for your parents. I’m ashamed for your two sisters. If you someday decide to have children of your own, maybe you will better understand.

  6. Why should Jay take the high road when he is subject to virulent and hate-filled posts on a site that he pays to maintain and promote?

    It would be one thing if he was engaged with logic and the real desire to debate the issues. However, from my earlier post, which you so blatantly ignored, you can see that he was attacked and then ridiculed rather than debated.

    Trust me, the last people who are ashamed for Jay are his family. In fact, everyone who truly knows Jay and engages him with respect are treated to one of the brightest and most caring human beings on this planet.

    Perhaps, the high road is where you and Nate can meet and look down your collective nose at the rest of us trying to have a dialogue, not a polemic.

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