Read The Poor Man today, please.

This is a great post: I’m Not Sure How Many More Corners We Can Stand To Turn.

But more to the point, Al Franken’s blog quotes the well-respected, uber-insider Nelson Report with the day’s worst news– that W has truly become the Boy in the Bubble, to an even greater degree than previously realized:

The Nelson Report is a daily political tip sheet and analysis written for the past 20 years for the (US and Asian) corporate and government clients of Chris Nelson, a former Capitol Hill staffer and UPI reporter. (He was actually the first to break the looted explosives story before the election; Josh Marshall then posted it to his blog.) This Monday, he wrote:

“There is rising concern amongst senior officials that President Bush does not grasp the increasingly grim reality of the security situation in Iraq because he refuses to listen to that type of information. Our sources say that attempts to brief Bush on various grim realities have been personally rebuffed by the President, who actually says that he does not want to hear “bad news.”

Rather, Bush makes clear that all he wants are progress reports, where they exist, and those facts which seem to support his declared mission in Iraq…building democracy. “That’s all he wants to hear about,” we have been told. So “in” are the latest totals on school openings, and “out” are reports from senior US military commanders (and those intelligence experts still on the job) that they see an insurgency becoming increasingly effective, and their projection that “it will just get worse.”

Our sources are firm in that they conclude this “good news only” directive comes from Bush himself; that is, it is not a trap or cocoon thrown around the President by National Security Advisor Rice, Vice President Cheney, and DOD Secretary Rumsfeld. In any event, whether self-imposed, or due to manipulation by irresponsible subordinates, the information/intelligence vacuum at the highest levels of the White House increasingly frightens those officials interested in objective assessment, and not just selling a political message.”

Remember the good old days when zaftig interns gave the President blow jobs? Now apparently only Pollyanna is allowed that close.

One thought on “Read The Poor Man today, please.”

  1. Between the wingnuts distorting and lying and GWB’s denial there should be a complete meltdown that no one will be able to hide and soon (ie. the vauted Iraqi election).

    Although, the new season of 24 will soon be in full swing while things on Desperate Housewives continue to degrade and demoralize. Then there’s the the SuperBowl, the NBA and college sports. Our friends in the Red States should be sufficiently entertained. And let’s not forget the made-up Valentine’s Day, the white sale President’s Day and the annual Easter guilt and chocolate fest. These should drug the rest into acquiesence over time. It just flat doesn’t matter that the President is in denial and that major news outlets distort and suppress the truth. The majority of the public isn’t listening to anything they don’t want to hear. In that sense, the President is in complete accord with the general public.

    So, let the good times roll. Don’t worry, be happy. And as the new Orbitz ad exhorts their would be customers – “Don’t Think!”

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