Simple question

Since everyone keeps mentioning Reagan’s “body blow” against Carter in the 1980 debate…

“Are you better off than you were two Bushes ago?”

Two terms of out-of-touch jerks who find democracy pesky and debates demeaning is enough. Even Reagan was better than this. And while we’re at it, Senate races are tightening up– it looks like we might end up down by just two seats. Give some money to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is focusing on close races. Let’s not stop with a Kerry victory–let’s get ready to start talking about how long his coattails are. $51 is a great amount– symbolizing the 51 seats that will turn Frist and the Rethuglican committee chairs out so we can start undoing the damage done to democracy in the past four years.

One thought on “Simple question”

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of my time at the campaign office on a pretty nasty race, the Nethercutt/Murray seat. I’m fairly optimisitc about Patty Murray. Still when you go digging around in the details on George Nethercutt, it’s clear that he’s part and party of the theocrats. Those People Need To Be Stopped. Rabidly anti-choice, he’s endorsed by a number of “Christian” organizations like the Campaign for Working Families who claim they’re “pro-marriage” and the Family Research Council who want more God in government. He’s a mini-Ashcroft and he makes my skin crawl.

    What I mean is yes, do what Jay says.

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