Revenge of the butterfly ballot

Here we go again. See if you can spot the problem with this absentee ballot, sent to Michigan voters:


(I excerpted the President section of the ballot — you can see the whole thing at the original livejournal entry.) The computer would read a ballot with the first arrow filled in as a vote for Bush, but as you can see the arrow actually points to Kerry.

Good thing Congress passed the Help America Vote Act so things like this wouldn’t happen again after Florida …

One thought on “Revenge of the butterfly ballot”

  1. The party affiliation could also logically precede the candidates’ names with a line between the names of the parties and the candidates, although one would expect more whitespace with that organization. Using instead or adding shaded bands to definitely group candidates with their parties would be a good change—and if the shading (or non-shading) also grouped the names with the appropriate place to mark or punch, that’s even better.

    Of course, not clearly matching the candidates to their parties would only be a problem for voters who don’t know the candidates.

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