There goes MY Nader vote!

“I’ll show you! You won’t let me in the debates? I’ll have my own!” There’s a clip from Ralph’s action figure debate here.

Hey Ralph, last time around I actually defended your voters, I really did. We badly need governmental reform to support third party politics, I still believe that. And when I’m checking out my post-Kerry election optioins for how to continue the momentum for change, it’s one of the issues I’ll explore. But not until after. You can’t win, Ralph, why are you being such a spoiler? Could we put the fire out before we talk about how we’re going to remodel?

Related aside: I was in the library last week where I saw a woman wearing a Nader button. It took every ounce of self-restraint I had not to walk over to her and punch her. I totally could have taken her, she was pretty skinny.

More on “A Soldier’s Story”

Steve Clemons has more on the story I wrote about a few days ago. Apparently a lot of people (an anonymous commenter here included) didn’t want to believe some of what the soldier told him. Steve has confirmed some of the details and is continuing to investigate others. But I point out again that Steve is a professional journalist and not likely to be taken in by someone who is either a pathological liar or a deliberate agent of disinformation. It’s worth a read.


Today I hung out with Pat. He’s ex-Boeing, laid off two years ago. He’s 62, an avid cross country skier, and he makes his own apple cider. He’s also an ex-Republican. Naturally, I asked him why.

To my surprise, it was abortion rights that made Pat switch.

“Men can’t have babies. Until they can have babies, they shouldn’t be make decisions about abortion. Also, some time back I attended a rally, some right wing organization, where they were on about abortion. I asked the guy if he was willing to pay to raise the little bastards – by that I mean the traditional definition of the term, a fatherless child – himself. Heavens, no, he said. So I said, wouldn’t it be better to let that soul have another shot at finding a host that wants it?”

I don’t know why I was suprised by this, but I was. It’s not everyday an old guy in a Dickey jumpsuit and aviator eyeglasses tells you why abortion rights matter. I kind of think he should be the new front man for Planned Parenthood ads.

Far right wingers for Kerry

Daily Kos sheds light, I think, on Bush’s odd trip today to tiny New Hampshire: I think he had to shore up his base given a stunning defection:

Bob Smith of New Hampshire lived at the far right of the GOP. He even left the Republican Party at one point because he considered it too moderate. In fact, he was one of those guys who waved around plastic fetuses whenever abortion was debated.

But in 2004, this hard right winger is endorsing Kerry.

As someone who worked with you daily for 12 years as a United States Senator, I am acutely conscious of the fact that we disagree on many important issues. Despite our differences, you have always been willing to engage in constructive debate in an effort to forge sound public policy.

I deeply respect your commitment to our nation and your patriotism which, I believe, was forged when you-like I-proudly wore the uniform of the United States Navy in Viet Nam…

Because of the courage and character you demonstrated in Vietnam, I believe you when you say that you’ll do a better job than President Bush to win the peace in Iraq, as well as to win the war against terrorism.

President Bush has failed to restrain federal spending, sending our deficit spinning into the stratosphere. I well remember that you were one of a handful of Democrats who crossed the aisle to forge a bipartisan coalition in the Senate to balance the federal budget […]

John, for each of these reasons I believe President Bush has failed our country and my party. Accordingly, I want you to know that when I go into the booth next Tuesday I am going to cast my vote for you. So will my wife, Mary Jo, and all three of my children: Jason, Bobby and Jenny.

Moreover, I will do all that I can to encourage my friends in New Hampshire and Florida to join me in supporting you.

Fantastic Turnout Tonight at the “Election Day Training”

I was wondering if I was going to make myself do anything actively political (I know, I know) in the last days before The Apocalypse (or maybe The Exodus). I have serious doubts about effecting anything useful with this effort, but I responded to a friend’s invitation to go to University Heights Center tonight, and I’m signed up for the whole f—ing election day as part of my friend’s team for canvassing and precinct checking.

There was a phenomenal turnout tonight. I was almost a half-hour early, and the parking lot and surrounding streets were already packed with cars. I’d love to know what the count was, but there were so many people that we easily had as many out in the hall as in the big room at the top north end of the building. I mean, it was truly overwhelming.

Everyone is doing it

You know what’s cool? When you meet the volunteers. One of whom might very well include a transvestite in black and purple striped stockings. Or a 60ish schoolteacher who lets you have her salad because she can see you’re really hungry and you’ve been there since, well earlier than her, that’s for sure.

I’m running a phone bank in Shoreline on Election Day. If you’re not yet signed up to volunteer that day, I can use your help. Drop me a line.

Damn! That was fast.

But not fast enough. Apparently Bill O’Reilly has decided to settle with the woman who dared reveal what a perv he is. I doubt he was fast enough to save his marriage though. Let me see… what would I do if it was published on the web that my husband was bragging to a stranger about going to Italy for sex romps while I was pregnant…and that same stranger said that he was sexually harrassing her…I think I might consider kicking his ass to the curb.

Nice that he dared to write a children’s book. God! I hate these people.

Here’s the Washington Post link to the story.