The Justices: also scum

SCOTUSBlog has posted the enture October 2004 Vanity Fair investigative piece that quotes Supreme Court clerks telling us just how ugly and political were the machinations that accomplished the 2000 coup. Talk about your activist fucking judges! You must read this– just not on a full stomach. As Lawyers Guns and Money’s Scott Lemieux notes, “The liberals are simply playing at a different level, inexplicably assuming their opponents are acting in good faith no matter how much evidence of the opposite accumulates. While it’s the thieves of the 2000 election who deserve the most blame, let’s not forget that the timorous likes of Christopher, Gore, Lieberman, and Ginsburg made it a lot easier.”

To quote Digby, “This time, we must operate on that assumption and prepare for a knife fight — in the courts and in the realm of public opinion. There are no rules other than winning.”