Those crazy christians

I am finally going this weekend to get passport photos taken so I can get mine renewed. I know Jay is all happy over Jimmy Breslin’s assertion that cell phone users are the dark matter that will decide the election, but I’m looking at those electoral college numbers and thinking I really do need to pay more heed to plan B.

I was still flabergasted that Bush can still be doing that well, despite everything everything about him lying about his service, WMDs, Iraq, Abu Ghraib, etc. Then I get a reminder buried in an article today on CNN about some stupid anti-gay group boycotting Proctor and Gamble for not supporting Cincinatti’s law discriminating against gay couples’ marriages.

In the 1980’s, a rumor spread through evangelical Protestant churches that the company was connected to Satan. The company eventually filed libel suits against individuals it said were spreading the rumor.

I tend to forget how much of this country is just plain insane. Maybe I should plan to move anyway.

One thought on “Those crazy christians”

  1. Yes, Paulette, there are a lot of loonies out there. However, there are many more that are just plain ignorant. If you leave, it will mean that we are minus one more thinker. We need informed protest more than ever. Don’t abandon us to the crazy and the stupid, please!

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