Small joys

If anyone’s wondering why I haven’t posted much in a while, it’s 8:40 pm and I’m still stuck in my office in deepest Bellevue. Crazy, crazy workload right now. In this weakened state, it was a mis-addressed email that almost sent me over the edge. I can’t live without the stupid auto-complete function in Outlook (it would take 3x as long to address my mails) but I can’t live with it pulling up every damn David I’ve ever emailed when I just want to ping Smithlet.

So I Googled for a few minutes and, bless the Lord, finally learned how to edit the Outlook email-address autocomplete list. And it’s so easy I wanted the cry–you just highlight an offending name in the drop down and… press delete. Looking at the comments on the linked page, I’m not the only frustrated by the very un-Microsoft simplicty of this approach.

Still, it made my day. And that, my friends, is a sad comment on my day.

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