More Overkill: 10 Reasons to Cheer Naked

I hope this leads to legal action, to highlight the stupidity in a practical way. A cheerleading coach for a university-aged team was fired for giving permission to his team to wear T-shirts that read and listed "10 Reasons to Cheer Naked". Apparently, he didn’t make the shirts, he didn’t distribute the shirts, and there was no actual nudity. But someone complained to Florida’s University Athletic Association.

Author: Gary

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3 thoughts on “More Overkill: 10 Reasons to Cheer Naked”

  1. That’s what I want to know! What were the 10 reasons? I was a mascot at Florida for three years very recently… One cheerleader I still talk to had the shirt and listed a few:
    – “Players aren’t the only ones to score”
    – “Our girls are slippery when wet”
    – “You get a week off every month”
    – something about “It’s a HOLE new dimension”

    If anyone finds out the rest, let me know!

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