And the horse you rode in on

I’d like to send a nice big “Fuck you!” to the California Supreme Court for being lily-livered cowards and giving in to the unreasoned bigotry of Christian extremists who brought suit against the city of San Francisco for issues marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Let’s just hope that the Washington Supreme Court, as it reviews the case recently won in King County, is capable of thinking rationally and acting fairly.

2 thoughts on “And the horse you rode in on”

  1. I thought about deleting this post because it adds nothing to any meaningful discussion and, well, why should this site give any airtime to bigots, but I think it illustrates two important characteristics of the type of people who would support banning gay marriage: since the comment was from some too cowardly to sign his/her name; and the person was too stupid to figure out that mine is a female name.

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