KIRO has all the restaurant inspection violation date here. If you page through, you’ll see restaurants like Toi and 5 Spot as well as Las Margaritas and Nibbana Thai–two eateries near my office that I eat at all the time. Or at least used to.

3 thoughts on “Ewww!”

  1. My reaction to this post makes me think of a movie scene (I blame society):

    [Debbi, Archie and Duke leave to find J. Frank Parnell breaking into the Chevy Malibu]

    Debbi: Hey what the fuck are you doing with our car?

    J. Frank Parnell: Your car?

    Archie: Yeah!

    J. Frank Parnell: Are you sure? This looks like my car. Are there pecan pies in the back seat?

    Archie: Not any more. We ate ’em.

    Duke: Shut up, Archie.

    Archie: You shut up.

    Duke: You’re still here?

    J. Frank Parnell: My car looks just like this. But this is yours, your car?

    Archie: Yeah, four eyes.

    J. Frank Parnell: Of course… What’s in the trunk?

    Duke: What do you mean?

    J. Frank Parnell: You don’t even know what’s in your own trunk.

    Debbi: Kill him, Duke!

    J. Frank Parnell: You know what? I think you’re afraid to find out.

    Debbi: Kill him.

    Archie: Come on, Duke, you putty butt, kill him.

    Duke (sounding like he’s doing a bad imitation of Jimmy Cagney): I ain’t afraid of nothin’, see.

    J. Frank Parnell: It’s all right. I don’t blame you for being afraid.

    Duke: I said I ain’t afraid of nothing. I kill people like you.

    J. Frank Parnell: Oh well. I guess you’re right. It’s better not to look.

  2. Hey! KIRO has changed the presentation of this information, if I’m not mistaken. Earlier, there were four categories–greatest number of violation points, greatest number of points in a single visit, um–what were the other two? Now there’s just an alphabetical list of restaurants.

  3. Revenge of the advertisers, I’d guess… just making it harder to get grossed out.

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