Ain’t Nobody’s Bidness

If there’s one thing that gets up my nose, it’s people telling me what my family ought to look like. If my family includes a foreign husband who doesn’t share my religion or address, a gay boyfriend who lives with his long term sweetheart in White Center, a couple of church goers, their kids, and the hippies they rent to, some lefty Europeans, and other people’s pets, well, hell, why should anyone but me care?

What brings this up? A big ad in the Sunday PI from an organization called Families Northwest, who seem to think they know what my family – and yours – should look like. And who also seem to think that the state gets to say something about that. It looks all warm and fuzzy on the surface, but it’s just another insidious plan to outlaw gay marriage.

The FMA didn’t make it out of the Senate, but that doesn’t mean it’s all over. It’s time to readdress those letters and postcards to your state reps.

5 thoughts on “Ain’t Nobody’s Bidness”

  1. On that note, Dan Savage has a piece in Salon today about how the debate over same-sex marriage’s impact on “traditional marriage” is the wrong debate, since straight couples have been redefining marriage for years.

  2. From my friend C:

    “Question: If lesbians stopped shopping at Eddie Bauer, could the company survive? (You have to let me have a joke at my expense! OK, OK, lots other people shop there, too.)

    Rick Fersch, President and CEO of Eddie Bauer, is on the board of directors for a group in Washington State called “Families Northwest” that supports a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.”

    Ladies and gents, get your khakis elsewhere, please.

  3. Oooh– another boycott– cool! So here’s what I posted on the Families NW site in response to their question “Why does your marriage matter to you?”:

    “Our marriage not only matters to us, it matters to our parents, who attended our recent marriage in B.C. They agree with us that the desire of any couple to honor their lifelong commitment before God and man enriches the sanctity and importance of marriage. We are sure that if your supporters could have seen our families’ joy at the wedding, they would understand fully that our love is not a threat to anyone. If Christianity is a religion of love, not fear, as the resurrected Christ teaches us, then I can rest easy knowing that efforts to sow discord around this issue are bound to fail over time–just as they failed last week in the Senate.”

  4. Here’s an article in Christian Examiner about Families Northwest. A quote about the earlier incarnation of the organization: “It was the Dan Quayle-Murphy Brown season of our society, before everyone realized that Dan Quayle was right.”

    This Christian Examiner is informative! Disney is apparently providing a free Bible study guide to go with America’s Heart and Soul.

  5. Dan Savage’s article is excellent (I wanna get married in a pool of dolphins!), and a far more eloquent (but also much longer) explanation of an idea I was working on for the Families Northwest people before I decided neither the sender nor the recipient would care what the other thought.

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