Undemocratic Bush

The fundamental requirements for true democracy include an informed populace, separation of government and the ruling party, and checks on the leaders power. America under the Bush Administration fails on all three counts, as explained in this excellent article by Jonathan Chait. Read it.

Here’s just one example of many of undemocratic behaviour from the Republicans:

Last year, the administration proposed a rule change allowing companies to deny more of their workers overtime pay. Under public pressure, the Senate and the House both voted to bar the change. But then a conference committee–which, by rule, may only iron out differences between the House and Senate, not rewrite provisions on which the two chambers agree–inserted it into a bill anyway. … The beauty of this end-run tactic, for the GOP leadership, is that they get the unpopular policies they desire, but politically vulnerable Republicans can tell their constituents they voted against them. Democracy only works if voters know who to blame if they don’t get their way. Today, however, Congress is run specifically to prevent that from happening.