While gays were busy destroying marriage…

…Illinois republican Senate candidate Jack Ryan was busy trying to salvage his own rocky union. What was this upstanding Repub’s recipe for marital bliss? Trying to force his then-wife Jeri Ryan to have sex with him in sex clubs while others watched. (I bet you he even said “Resistance is futile.”) And yes, he’s still in the race.

To recap: I’m gay. But let me tell you something: if I were married to this woman, I would be content to have sex with her in the private confines of our home. Poor Jeri. Not only did she have to deal with this creep, she now has to suffer the embarrasment of having their divorce papers unsealed by a Federal judge who ruled that Ryan’s candidacy created a legitimate “public interest” in the details. (Thanks Ken Starr–now we get to know the details of every politician’s sex life!)

For this offense against the sanctity of heterosexual marriage, does Ryan get dumped by the holier-than-thou GOP? Of course not. In fact, just this week he got campaign help from one of the High Priests of God’s Own Party. Sen. Rick “Man-on-dogSantorum. Saint Rick threw several fundraisers for Ryan in his home state of Pennsylvania just this week. It is not reported how much these events actually took in, or whether anyone would actually shake Ryan’s hand.

For today’s completely rhetorical question… Is this just an egregious example, or is hypocracy the official Repub mode of existence now?