File under: ingrate

While I prefer to focus my frustrations on the good targets, some people just like to be pissed off at everyone. Not since my New Journal days have I been the object of such vituperation from someone so clearly in the grip of the narcissism of small differences!

Despite my repeated efforts to find middle ground, one gay business owner in Virginia keeps bashing us for launching VAhaters. Mind you plenty of straight Virginians have emailed to tell me they don’t mind if it hurts their business–an honorable stance if ever there was one. But not this guy. He thinks we are out to shut down his internet radio station. Whatev.

Y’all know I never was very good at minding my own business, a fact that really seems to bother this guy. Apparently he thinks Viriginian homos can fight this one alone… given that the bill passed by an 80% margin, I beg to differ.

Gary, I’ve been thinking a lot about your “good Jews” post in conjuction with this, as you’ll see if you read my latest response to this guy. Good jews and good germans–those are the officially sanctioned options these day, aren’t they? F*** that.