Great new blog

One of the only pleasant things about being locked in mortal combat with Virginia and its bumper crop of haters is getting email from thoughtful and intelligent gays and lesbians from across the country. Tim, one such person, posted a really thoughtful comment on the site today, about needing to state more clearly that companies can “escape the boycott” by publicly urging the Commonwealth to reconsider. Turns out he has a brand new blog, security risk, which is as well-designed as it is well-written. And lo and behold, he has a whole mini-VAhaters thing going on there… including a much more economical summary of what the boycott is about that I have produced to date. In addition to that, there’s a wealth of insightful posts based on great links–more than anyone’s average week worth, if you ask me. If the death of Reagan isn’t a good reason to start blogging, I don’t know what is. But welcome Timothy to the blogosphere with a little traffic, won’t you?