Fun with http

Wow. 150 newspapers publish the AP story about and as a reward we get a denial of service attack that our hosting provider couldn’t handle. So thanks to one idiot 17-year-old in California, VAhaters has no host. And I have a mailbox full of the most vile email imaginable. Who knew there were so many ways to misspell “faggot.” We have all these media interviews set up, and no website to point them to. It’s really, really frustrating. What a crazy couple of days.

On the plus side, a couple million more people know about the Virginia law. But then again, 70% of them are now more likely to support Virginia. Australia now doesn’t recognize gay marriage, and now even Canada looks shaky. Does everyone hate us? Should we just go eat worms and die??? Somebody cheer me up.

5 thoughts on “Fun with http”

  1. Hey, David, do you have the name and email address of that idiot 17 year old? It’s at least worth publishing the guy’s name as a major asshole, and then, of course, if those reading our site would like to tell him what an asshole he is (and hopefully spell that correctly) so much the better.

  2. No, we have an IP address and that’s it. Frankly, I’d rather not give him any attention here, lest we have to move nonfamous to another hoster as well. But his IP address and other info are on their way to friends-of-friends in the shadowy hacker underworld. Nothing like a little “community self-policing” to even the scores. That, and PacBell turning off his broadband.

  3. I see. Well, at least if his broadband is turned off he’ll suffer a bit. So will you be able to get the site back up?

  4. David,
    I appreciate the effort you both put into launching virginiaisforhaters.I can’t believe in a community with 550 million dollars of dispossable income ,we can’t locate someone willing to fund the cost of putting this site back up.There are Pride celebrations in every major city in a week, maybe donations could be collected.Perhaps or HRCF could help out?

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