Two things

One, gets another mention in the Stranger this week. This time in reference to a planned rally down at city hall to urge a boycott of Virginia businesses.

Lawmakers in Virginia passed a remarkably stupid state law last month, banning contracts between same-sex couples. Nationwide, gays are now boycotting the state and companies headquartered there–like J. Crew, Capital One, AOL (check out On Friday, May 21, local gays–headed up by Michael McAfoose, who led the Mayday for Marriage counterprotest–will go to city hall and urge the city to approve a resolution boycotting dealings with Virginia His gang will also be chopping up their Capital One credit cards and AOL promo CDs on the sidewalk. AMY JENNIGES

Wish they’d mentioned the time though. I’d go.

Two, Jay or David, can you give me enough permissions to zap the comments from that asshole who’s been spamming us all day. I’d hate for him to just load up the entire site with his little irritations until you all get back!

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