VAhaters in The Stranger

Oh how we love Last Days by David Schmader! We always have, but now our love is requited:


This week of drug-addled athletes, dramatic arraignments, and deeply damning photographs got off to an uncharacteristically inspiring start today, as a pair of male homosexuals in Madrona launched their political indignation into cyberspace with, a snappy website devoted to denigrating the so-called “love state” for its April 23 passage of House Bill 751, which not only outlaws civil unions, but prohibits “any partnership contract or other arrangements that purport to provide the benefits of marriage.” “We’re getting married in Vancouver on May 15,” say site creators Jay and David, “so we had plenty of other things to do at the moment. But this was such an outrage it was either do the site or have an aneurysm.”

Wisely avoiding brain damage, the soon-to-be-newlyweds staked their claim on the Internet, urging fags and their friends to boycott Virginia tourism and VA-based companies–starting with the beloved-by-homos clothier J. Crew. “There’s nothing particularly evil about J. Crew,” admits Jay. “But they’re all into being from Virginia, and now that seems kind of disgusting. With their loyal homo customers, we definitely saw them as low-hanging fruit.”

Apparently we’re going to be profiled in tomorrow’s Washington (D.C.) Blade as well; I did an interview with them on Monday.

Hopefully this will buoy our site traffic, which now seems to have shifted to haters.