Boycotting Virginia, starting with J. Crew

As first reported here, Virginia has banned all contracts between same-sex partners. A direct assault on basic rights of property and association represents a serious threat not only to gay couples, but is for me the first state action that really resembles the Nuremberg Laws, in its specific denial of basic rights to a specific class. It imperils even the meager protections gay couples can cobble together at great care and expense (already a tiny fraction of the protections a $50 marriage license gets straights).

While I don’t think this means Virginia is drawing up a “Final Solution” for gays, I do think this should be a wake-up call. As painfully documented in The Pianist, European Jews didn’t fight back against the Nazis as things got worse, seemingly convinced that they would wake up to find it was all a bad dream. I for one do not intend to make that mistake. It’s a little early for us to take up arms (cf. Plato’s army of lovers), but I think we all have to do the minimum: start collectively whipping the Commonwealth of Virginia with our wallets.

I’m going to do some research towards putting together a list of Virginia-based companies, but let’s start with a favorite: J. Crew. Wow… that’s a painful one for me. I’ve been a great customer for almost 15 years, buying so much there during college that people actually called me “Jay Crew.”

It’s not their fault, obviously, that the State Assembly are such bigoted idiots. But homos spend a lot of money on the company’s products and I think we can make clear our displeasure rather rapidly. If Virginia wants to hurt gays and lesbians, gays and lesbians can take the fight back. It’s pocketbook for a pocketbook.

To announce the beginning of this effort, here is J.Crew’s customer care address: mailto:[email protected] . I’d suggest writing to ask that they cancel delivery of their catalog until such time as the Commonwealth ends its discriminatory posturing.

Their postal address, should you care to write a letter:

J.Crew Customer Relations
One Ivy Crescent
Lynchburg, VA 24513-1001

3 thoughts on “Boycotting Virginia, starting with J. Crew”

  1. Here’s an interesting twist on the Virginia target:

    “German chipmaker Infineon Technologies sees the computer memory chip business turning around. Today it said it will spend $1 billion to expand manufacturing capacity and add some 800 jobs at its existing site in Richmond, Virginia.”

    I’m not sure if the Germans know – or care – about Virginia’s new law, which must, as we speak, be rocketing its way to the state’s highest court. I can’t but help think of the moral relativism arguments. Jobs in a bad economy? Good. Banning contracts between same sex partners? Bad. So bad as to be unbelievable. Germans, entering a downtrodden economy with the promise of jobs? Too easy of a target to pass up, especially with Jay’s analogies. But I’m not gonna touch it. Someone else, run with this.

    Still, it can’t hurt to add Infineon to your list of companies to contact. I’ll post the Richmond address if/when I find it.

    Infineon Technologies AG
    St.-Martin-Str. 53
    81669 Munich

  2. as an employee of the Direct Center for J Crew, I find your comments about boycotting them humourous. J Crew cannot control the assembly, nor force them to change the laws. J Crew has equal benefits for same gender couples who work for them, just as Disney does. Shuold you wish to change virginia’s laws, you need to write to the Virginia state goverment. Targeting companies will not help you, and it will not hurt them.

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