Virginia considers ban on any contract between same-sex partners

A bill before the Virgina legislature proposes to render any contract between same-sex partners void. This isn’t just about banning gay marriage. It’s about banning same-sex couples from using ordinary legal contracts — like the living will that Jay and I had a lawyer prepare so that one of us can make medical decisions for the other if he is incapacitated — from providing any of the “benefits” of marriage. The text of the proposed bill begins:

A civil union, partnership contract or other arrangement between persons of the same sex purporting to bestow the privileges or obligations of marriage is prohibited.

This is just appalling. It does seem like the governor is attempting to water down the bill, but this deserves an outright veto.

6 thoughts on “Virginia considers ban on any contract between same-sex partners”

  1. “Virginia is for lovers.” Riiiiiight. I hereby promise NEVER to spend one CENT in Virginia unless this is summarily defeated. And yes Virginia, that includes J. Crew, which is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. No more J. Crew for me… if all us homos boycotted J. Crew, we could bring Virginia to its KNEES!

  2. Incredibly, it seems this bill has passed unmodified. (See also news links at I’m speechless.

  3. Oh my God! Well, you can add me in to the boycott of Virginia and it’s products. We ought to publish a list of companies based in Virginia here so that folks can make the decision about whether to support that state’s economy, and whether to contact those companies and let them know just why we won’t be buying their products any more.

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