Nader on Air America

Air America, the new liberal radio network, started on Wednesday. You’ve got to hear the interview with Ralph Nader. (You can also read a transcript of the interview.) Ralph simply does not get it. He simply does not understand that people are angry about what happened in 2000, and that we just can’t take the risk of having that happen again. He doesn’t even hope to be elected — he has no plan for what he would do if he were — so what is the point? They guy is clearly insane.

One thought on “Nader on Air America”

  1. Nader is indeed being entirely impractical, but I found the radio host INTOLERABLE. She was so obnoxious, hardly allowing Ralph to talk, ranting constantly. What was the point of talking with him if she didn’t want to hear his full explanations??? My God, what a bitch!

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