“Find the Boeing”

I’d had a very low tolerance for any sort of Sept. 11 conspiracy theory… but this site has somewhat piqued my curiosity. Check it out, and please provide the reasonable explanation I seem to be missing when I look at these photos. Is it insane to think that something other than a plane might have caused the destruction at the Pentagon? Some French folks go even further than that. I will only say that there is very little about Rummy that would surprise me. (Funny, really, how little we’ve seen that last picture on the news.)

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  1. As usual, Snopes has a point-by-point rebuttal of the claims made at that site. I thought the one about “why are they laying down sand?” was particularly funny — anyone who’s ever driven anything larger than a sedan on grass knows how easy it is to get stuck.

    On the other hand, it’s not particularly surprising that a lot of folks misinterpreted the photos. An object moving at 350mph and weighing several thousand tons has a heckuva lot of kinetic energy — much, much more than we mere humans have daily experience of. It’s just hard to imagine just how hard it is to slow down something with that much momentum (it took three entire buildings to stop that Boeing!) and how much energy is released when it actually stops. I’m really not surprised (on reflection, I must admit), that the wings just “disappeared”. They would have just snapped off, and then continued on their path into the building (probably sucked into the low pressure region behind the plane) without hardly slowing down.

    Another recent example of the misinterpretation of objects with high kinetic energy came with the last shuttle disaster. For a long time, NASA engineers refused to believe that a piece of foam (like you’d find in a sofa cushion) could possibly displace a heat shield tile. But since energy is proportional to velocity squared, give that foam enough velocity and it can punch a hole in solid metal.

  2. As Hitler said, if your going to lie, “LIE BIG”, no one ever questions a small lie. The photos are accurate, there is even one piece of plane left anywhere. Kinetic energy your dumb ass. Every plane crash in the world leaves some trace of its plane somewhere. Keep voting for Bush, and your stories will be more exciting. Is that the DUMBASS ALERT, another vote for Bush.

  3. kenetic energy??? umm look at photos of every airplane crash on land and see what kenetic energy did when rubble, debri and skid marks on the grass formed. Also didnt the twin tower planes have the same kenetic energy as the flight 77? How come in the video when they slam into the towers peices go flying everywhere??

  4. I agree the US 9-1-1ed itself. They needed a Pearl Harbor. Rice even went so far as to say it. How many of us are there that are not convinced? I find it easy to believe some of what is on the find the boeing site, of course they won’t get it ALL right, what will we do? Move to France? I wish I hadn’t had a child in this country, she’ll probably survive but who knows what she’ll believe?

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