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I’ve been noticing lately that an awful lot of the spam I get consists not of enticements to enlarge body parts that my combination of chromosomes excludes me from possessing, but random strings of words, as if someone just copied the results of the magnetic words combinations on their fridge after a particularly wild party. And I’v begun reading these strings of random words, because, apparently, I have nothing better to do with my time. Sometimes they are quite interesting combinations, too. So I’ve decided to copy them and make them my own, in poetry format, not unlike Marcel Duchamp and his urinal. The rules will be thus:

  • The title will always be the subject line in the spam mail
  • I can break lines whereever I please to create associated words strings
  • I cannot change, remove, or add words
  • I cannot add punctuation or capitalization that doesn’t already exist
  • I will give partial author credit to the sender of the spam
  • I am eligible for poet laureate status as a result, because this is art

So without further ado, my first spam poem:

“Pomposity” by Paulette McKay and Lilia Adell


second adler testing
secede adherence
bovine excretions horrify postmaster polemics
screeching political exothermic
boeotian teeth courageously hurtle housewares countrywide

activator bogota hoydenish
hovering accusingly


meringue counterfeiter scoreboard
adaptability branched ibis hyacinth admirations

ak millimeter
posterity creeks creating etymology bramble

hospital branded hungering
postwar postoffice hose
metamorphic howdy bolting
idealized excelsior teet
crater bombings


alhambra adjudication
idiom scored criminal
additivity tenseness
boomtown thawing bowl

aaa excreting

hyphenate theorem

5 thoughts on “spam poetry”

  1. I like this concept. I especially enjoy the little random stories about nothing, it really reminds me of some tripped out ginsburg/burroughs stuff. I see this spam as a type of art…i’ve saved a few gems, they are unfortunately trapped on my crashed pc at the moment.

  2. OK Spam Laurie-ette, i just wet my horNey HOusewife with my En*LARged 10+ lonely neighBOR member on the CHe AP Vicodine(
    i am laughing so hard, Paulette your’re the best young vir&gin yet! POEM ON SIST’AH GIRL

  3. real spam i received today:

    Aflame congenitalabnormality
    her weirather
    accepted leggins tailor1make
    subordermenurae spongeon motley.

    Shaved holk do ledden
    taurino penup shakin
    liquidmeasure kralik
    congestive distrait.

    (someone’s a poet, huh?)

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