Mr. Blah

I know it’s completely inappropriate to think that anything about the Liberian situation is funny, but has anyone else noticed that the Liberian former vice-president, now president, is called Mr. Blah? It makes it difficult for me to read the news articles without picturing him as a cartoon character who suffers from ennui and is drawn with indistinct borders, kind of like Pig Pen, only more existential.

Consider this statement: “If Blah takes over, we will fight back.” This was spoken by a senior member of Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy, a group otherwise known as LURD. Really, LURD. I think Liberians need better branding. Jay, do you want to get on this? At least they are already snappy dressers.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Blah”

  1. Welcome, Anika, to the postocracy of! So glad you’re with us now. And what an inaugural post– I had almost commented on this a day or so ago, completely agog at the humorous potential of the terrible Liberia situation. Who was it who said, “History repeats itself twice: first as tragedy, then as farce”? In Liberia, the process is apparently simultaneous.

  2. Someone should tell Eddie Izzard about this. Apparently his “transvestite batallion” sketch is based in fact!

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