Jumping on my bandwagon

Why is it that every time I get some idea in my head, it seems like before I can spit out the word “copycat”, everyone else has suddenly made a mad dash to beat me to the punch? Well, not that it will stop me, but still, this is frustrating.

Ok, the last time it happened they didn’t exactly make a mad dash, but it was still frustrating to see a movie about Porn ‘n Chicken, the Yale club that nearly got themselves booted out of Old Blue for making a porno flick in the stacks at Sterling Library called Staxx, an idea I first floated back in my days with University Pictures, and which, for some reason, I never managed to get any Sudler Fund sponsorship for.

So now, it was probably about two weeks ago I started making plans to spend a week working on the Jubilee, a salmon boat out of Kodiak, Alaska that belongs to someone I know. Now, suddenly Slate’s copy chief Laurie Snyder is sending her dispatches from a southern Alaskan salmon boat?

What gives? Well, I’m still planning on doing this next summer, since it looks like the timing won’t likely work out for me going this August, but trust me, the other idea I’ve been cooking up lately, I’m not breathing a word of, lest some member of Salon’s editorial staff take it upon herself to do it first.

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