My Xterra thinks I’m a lesbian

I just discovered that I drive seventh most lesbian car ever. Not the gayest car, mind you — that honour is reserved for the VW Jetta, closely followed by the rest of VW’s product line — my car is for chicks, it seems. And here I was, thinking I bought an Xterra to get me to the out-of-the-way camping and climbing spots and cart around rugby gear. Apparently I’m just barely repressing desires to wear overalls and shop at Home Depot.

4 thoughts on “My Xterra thinks I’m a lesbian”

  1. I you’re a lesbian we have some REAL issues to talk about, my dear. On the other hand, it would certainly make having kids easier.

  2. Wait, the Ford Ranger is the 8th Most Lesbian Car. Perhaps, David, we are both closet flannel-wearers, and thereby cancel each other out. Paulette, I think it was your repressed anxiety at driving my Lesbo-mobile might explain a few things. 😉

  3. Where can I locate this data? I need to check my gender orientation.

    In 1990, I really wanted the rugged looking pickup that Kevin Bacon drove in “Flatliners”.

  4. Eek! Jay, you might be right. After spending the better part of last week tooling around town in your truck, I was kind of thinking maybe I should opt for a Ranger of my own, since I’m increasingly despairing of my mother’s likelihood to send me her Miata. Hmm…I’m going to have to explore the implications of this, er, drive.

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