That’s Corporal Houseboy to you!

So Slate reports that the Pentagon is sending soldiers to butler school. Not all of them, just the 300 or so who serve 3- and 4-star generals. One imagines these men serving a range of needs quite beyond the average swell: “Your Bunker Buster, Sir.” Or, “There’s an Iraqi rabble outside, Sir, should I have the troops use tear gas, or bullets?”

Well, I have some needs quite beyond the average general. (Of course I’m talking about cleaning up after Dozer and cleaning my rugby cleats– nothing nefarious, as all that is, of course, solely David’s department. Though I suppose there’s not quite as much left in the category of “nefarious” after the Lawrence decision.) I wonder what it would take to get one of these guys for a houseboy after he leaves the service?

I mean, why can’t I have a hunky ex-corporal taking out the trash if Anika could, in her SF heyday, have a guy clean the bathroom with a toothbrush while wearing a pink jock strap, with copious verbal abuse his sole recompense? Surely those military guys barter too. But the real question: would the pink jock strap go with the uniform?