Weird Science

If I had to create the perfect guy, he would undoubtedly be of the metrosexual orientation. Criticize him as the abominable construct of a marketing culture gone horribly, horribly out of control, but if he can order a good wine, appreciate the Reidel stemware into which it is poured, and compliment me on my lovely new Miu Mius, then I say we relax those stem cell laws so the marketers can clone us a good little army of Spice Boys. And then maybe, just maybe, we’ll achieve a critical mass of males in downtown wearing leather jackets instead of fleece pullovers.

Oh hell, a girl can dream, can’t she?

4 thoughts on “Weird Science”

  1. Yet there needs to be a balance. For instance, he can’t be prettier than me. And there is an endearing quality to owning expert knowledge in certain categories such as grooming and fashion. Do I want my husband to tell me which shoes he thinks goes better with my outfit? Sure. Do I want him coaching me on the benefits of Kiehl’s vs. Clinique? Not so much.

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