More on Canadian marriage

So, more on the Canada marriage front.

Oddly enough, this is an article written by a guy I dated who after a couple of weeks decided I was “too gay” (upon further discussion, he was really looking for a straight guy)– quoting a guy I dated who, though cute and smart, seemed to be looking more for a Boy Scout sleepover buddy than a boyfriend. (I became convinced me might get to second base by 2005, but only if I became an Eagle Scout.) Come to think of it. they would be a great couple. Maybe they can go to Canada together. Both of those guys made me scratch my head a bit– but of course I didn’t know what I had to look forward to.

In all serious, Jamie’s quote below is intriguing–international law might provide some benefits to same-sex couples who marry in Canada.

The Seattle Times: Rulings bring marriage closer to reality for gay Canadians

2 thoughts on “More on Canadian marriage”

  1. I wish international law would help, but I somehow doubt it, for us in the US at least.

    This quote is particularly telling:

    “Here [in Canada], we are talking about whether same-sex couples should marry, and before your Supreme Court is the issue of whether same-sex couples should be able to have sex in the privacy of their own bedrooms,” said Aaron, referring to the pending review of same-sex sodomy prohibitions in 13 states.


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