Ask and ye shall receive

Well, I can’t promise that everyone else gets the same stellar and responsive service that David does, but I do try. Based on his terribly sensible request I have added a new category, lickety-split: “bon voyage/voyeur,” and reclassified all the travel-related posts I could find to this new home. It’s all about travel, in the real and vicarious senses. Please do travel, and write about it. If we were all half as eloquent as Paulette, the site would not be nonfamous at all. But then what would we do.

By the way, if you do want to try to get David-level service out of me (instead of standard agency-grade “return your email next week” client service), you could start by taking notes on his exceedingly skillful stroking of one of my great vanities: my near-infallible great-restaurant radar. Flattery may not get you everywhere, but it will get you on my good side.

Pete, if you’re out there, I hope the “skillful stroking” image really cheers you up in the way that only my conjuring of extravagantly gay images can. If not, I can keep them coming.

One thought on “Ask and ye shall receive”

  1. Talk about ego-stroking and flattery! To call the half-drunken neurotic ramblings of a wayward Jersey girl eloquent. Now that should win you some points with me, oh Pope William Grimes II.

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