Target market

Hey, we SDSers are apparently at the forefront of a new wine trend. That, or we’re the unwitting dupes of clever marketing. Yeah, the wine drinker of the 21st century, as envisioned by today’s wine makers and described in today’s Wall Street Journal (sorry, you’ll need a subscription to actually read this article, but I’ve saved a copy of it if anyone is interested), is hip, under 35, and willing to pay more than their older, wiser parents for some fermented grape. Well, yeah, so there’s a $12 a bottle limit for SDS, but my older and (arguably) wiser father–who is an elitist in his own right, but definitely not in wine consumption–defines “expensive” wine as any juice that requires an implement other than one’s bare hand and a paper bag to consume, so in that we’re definitely upping the ante on defining an affordable bottle.

Also, according to this article, it seems to be the British and the Australians who are pushing the trend toward marketing wines to a younger crowd. This, of course, leaves me suspicious of the Aussie product manager in our midst who has done so much to introduce at least one cohort of young Seattle imbibers to the vast array of Southeast Australian shirazes.

Well, my concerns that David is a spy for the wine marketing industry aside, it would appear that in addition to drinking more and more expensive wines than our forebears, we junior vinophiles are also eschewing the formality generally associated with wine tasting and consumption. “Other wine groups are eschewing the formal sit-down dinners that have long been the mainstay of building wine cachet and instead staging “wine raves,” as well as tastings in trendy nightclubs and bars.” Yes, groups such as Wine Brats, a much less evocatively titled wine club than ours, that do something mixing wine tasting with music and fashion are suddenly all the rage.

With apologies to Pete, I’m going to guess that these little wine raves involve quite a bit of swallowing and very little spitting, as well they should. Of course, blogging the tasting process puts us into a whole new realm of bringing elitism and drinking into the brave new world that the marketing department at Jacob’s Creek is opening up before us.

Oh, and before I forget! Our ringmaster Jay tasked me earlier this week with creating some sort of rating system for the wines we’ll be tasting. I’ll solicit comments and objections on the following scoring categories:

  • I should bring this to the next dinner at 843, 233, or 1321.
  • I should bring this to the next dinner party (anywhere else) I’m invited to.
  • I’ll keep a bottle of this around for some unexpected company.
  • I’ll keep a bottle of this around for pizza and a movie night.
  • I guess Paulette’s father would probably drink it.
  • I don’t think even Paulette’s father could hold this down.

Bash away, my dears.

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  1. Oh, hey, I just realized that my sentence construction leading into the quote from the WSJ article was almost the same as that in the quote. I guess that means I write like a WSJ reporter. They damn well should be offering me a job right about now!

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