Snobs Unite!

Yeah, I suppose it’s the Yalie in me coming out–that is, the inherent Yalie, the one who knew she was going to be an Eli from about 3rd grade on–but I really like this article from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Some things really are better than others, and if believing that it’s just a sin to waste perfectly good calories on say, pasteurized brie or Hershey’s chocolate instead of Valrhona, makes me an elitist, then I suppose I’ll wear the Scarlet E.

2 thoughts on “Snobs Unite!”

  1. Paulette, my dear, your prolific posting is matched only by your schizophrenia! How can you simulataneously flog potted possum sauce AND defend elitism? Unless, of course, you are a potted meat elitist! I find this more than a little disturbing– especially coming from someone I love as much as you (and you and you and you)! But otherwise, yeah, up with cultural (if not political) elitism, up with the powers of critical discrimination, up with what Didion calls “difficult and ultimately inadmissable questions of taste.”

  2. Darling, I would have thought that an epicure such as yourself would be well aware that potted possum sauce is the newest haute cuisine trend and is featured prominently on Rocco DeSpirito’s Union Pacific menu–Camembery agnolotto with braised endive in a potten possum sauce–and Thomas Keller has recently been talking about doing a 19 course tasting menu at the French Laundry featuring potted possum in all its forms.

    Really, I am nothing, if not consistent. Well, I might be repetitive (as Pete has once again reminded me) but hopefully even in that I am all of one mind.

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