Oh my, what a large bouquet you have

In honor of the upcoming inauguration of Swallow Don’t Spit’s monthly or bimonthly (Have we decided this one? Maybe it should be scheduled to coincide with phases of the moon or meetings of the Federal Reserve Board), I thought we could all use a little primer in describing i vini that will be the focal point of these events.

3 thoughts on “Oh my, what a large bouquet you have”

  1. You know, I thought about commenting on that photo when I first saw it. I think, brightened up a bit, it would make a great album cover. Maybe it can find its way into the first article that Wine Enthusiast or Wine Spectator does on our little clan of Swallowers.

  2. Great article! I still like that comment from Malcolm Gluck in the Guardian, who described a wine that “leaves the mouth like Alec Guinness leaving the stage”, prompting a letter in the next issue asking whether that was a good or a bad thing.

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