“Les masques SRAS”

“I want the one by Gaultier, in patent leather!”

Yes, the ticket agents at Charles de Gaulle have donned masks to ward off SARS, according to this report by the BBC. I have to say, probably not a bad idea, especially if you are a French wuss. No, seriously. Let’s stop this thing. But wouldn’t it make more sense for all the passengers to wear masks? They already give out eye masks for long flights… why don’t we just go the full balaclava route. Oh, wait, those are for highjackers.

Le Figaro has an even more interesting story about the growing panic in Canada, which we’re hearing almost nothing about thanks to the war. Of course that article is in French. Here’s one from the Toronto Star that makes the Canadians sound (predictably) less panicked than the French make them out to be.