The War or The Core?

It’s official. David Edelstein is now my favorite movie reviewer. I can’t bring myself to say “film critic” as he just seems miles away from the Cahiers du Cinema crowd. And this is despite the fact that my college friend Michael Agger writes about film for The New Yorker (and apparently also Slate sometimes).

But this is about Mr. Edelstein. After my post yesterday, I now have to follow it up with a link to this hilarious review of The Core. He makes the excellent point that jitters about scary things going on in the world are perhaps best treated with movies about even scarier things going on in the world. (On that note, anyone up for watching Signs on DVD this weekend? Oh, here’s a better link– to Signs on my Amazon Wishlist!)

Anyway, how could you not love a review like this?

Here’s the scariest stuff in the world organized according to the age-old rules of melodrama, complete with cartoony special effects. Here’s a chance to empathize not just with the guy who has the bad fortune to be on the bridge as it collapses (i.e., the guy that most of us would be), but with the genius scientists and stalwart astronauts who pilot their super vessel (here a giant phallic drill made of something called “unobtainium” and nicknamed “Virgil”) into Mother Earth. In the great tradition of Armageddon (1998), The Core spells out the American resolve in the face of disaster: Drill That Bitch.

Anyway, sounds much better than watching GWII on CNN all weekend.